Archiver 3

The macOS has a built-in file compression feature. It is OK, if you occasionally compress files. However, if you do much file archiving and unarchiving you probably want to look to a standalone archiving App. Recently I tested an archiving App called Archiver 3 from Incredible Bee Software. This is quite a versatile application, let’s take a look at it.


The Archiver 3 App deals only with compressing and uncompressing files and folders and it does it very well. Here is the main window:

Archiver Main

You just drag files or folders into the window, and you get this menu:

Archiver Window

After you have the files in the window click on “Archive” and you get the selection window:

Archive Format

You can scroll to the right to see more compression formats. The typical format is “Zip”. Just name your Archive. Then, you can select the “Compression Level:”

Compression Level Select

If you want a smaller archive choose a higher amount of compressions. Also, you can “Encrypt” the archive if you wish:

Archive Encrypt

Once you are finished with your settings click on Archive and the file is placed where you have selected on your hard drive. In my case, I have chosen the Desktop

Preview Archives

Now, this is the cool part. You can preview the contents of an Archive! This is such a cool feature. All you have to do is drag an archived file into the Archiver 3 window:

Preview Archive

Those are the files in my original archive. You can do a few things in the preview window. You can “Split” the archive by clicking the “Split” icon in the bottom of the window:

Split Format

Here, you can choose to divide your large archive into smaller pieces. You select the “Chunk Size” and then click on “Split”. If you have a huge archive that is too large to email you can split it up into handy chunks.

Export File

While viewing the contents of an archived file you can extract a portion of the archive if you wish. Click on the file or files your wish to remove from the archive and click on “Export.” That file is removed from the archive. The main archive stays in place, just without that file.

Previewing and extracting files from archives are very cool features. They really enable you to interact and work with archives in very practical ways. Also, you can create and/or extract several archives at once.


Archiver 3 has a few Preferences. Here is the General window:


You can see the various Preferences. The most significant one to me is where to Output Files:

File Output

There is a list of “File Types” in the Preferences area as well:

File Types

As you can see, Archiver 3 handles just about every file type known to mankind. It is pretty impressive.


Archiver 3 is a very sophisticated application. If you interact with archived files even a moderate amount it is worth forking over the $19.99 price tag. I really like the App because of its versatility.