Finding 32-Bit Apps The Easy Way

There has been much adieu about the next version of macOS not supporting 32-Bit Apps. I see articles everywhere on the Web regarding this issue. I have posted other articles about locating and dealing with the 32-Bit apps on your Mac. Since then, I have discovered a very easy way to determine which of you’re Mac Apps are 32-Bit. This involves using a time honored Mac Utility Etrecheck.

Etrecheck 32-Bit Locator

If you do not use Etrecheck on your Mac I highly recommend you download it. It is a free utility App, but donations are appreciated. In the Etrecheck window, I chose “No problem – just checking” from the drop down and ran the App:

Etrecheck Window

When Etrecheck is finished it presents a report. There are many things in there to consider, but to check on 32-Bit Apps click on the “Minor Issues” icon:

Etrecheck Minor Issues

Then scroll down to the 32-bit Apps listing and click on “Review:”

Etrecheck 32-bit

“Holy outdated Apps Batman!” There are a bunch of 32-bit Apps on my Mac. Very few if any of my mission critical Apps are in this list. However, the fact that my Canon Printer Drivers are in the list is a little disconcerting. Maybe Canon will get its act together and produce a 64-Bit update in the next few months.

Incidentally, if you click on “Reveal in Finder” you are taken to that App in a Finder window. Also, it does not list the Apps in alphabetical order which is kind of a pain. However, it is till useful to see the list.


It probably seems as though I am nagging about the 32-Bit thing, but I just don’t want anyone to be surprised when they install the next version of macOS. That includes me as well! Just get Etrecheck and use it to check your Apps. It is a great Program and the 32-Bit check thing is easy to do.