Pages Does Books

Apple has folded the book publishing capabilities of their App iBooks Author into their word processor/publishing Pages application. I don’t publish too many books, but as far as I can tell creating an EPUB using this functionality in Pages works pretty well.

Pages Books

To demonstrate this I created a test document with placeholder text in the ‘new and improved’ Pages App:

Test Document

This document runs down to two or three pages or so. Now, to make your document into an EPUB you have to select “Export To” and “EPUB” from the drop down list under the File Menu:

File Export

This produces this drop down Export menu:

Export Menu

Most of this is self-explanatory. If you have an image for the cover of your book, you have to click on “Choose an image” that gives you a Finder navigation window. Once the image is selected it is listed in the window:

Export Image

I just wanted to mention the “Layout” settings. You can have a “Fixed layout,” but I think these days the “Reflowable” one is the way to go. That is a useful feature, people read EPUB documents on all kinds of devices.

Near the bottom of the Export Window is Category:

Export Category

It is a good idea to assign your publication to a category there are bunches of them in the list.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the “Embed Fonts” setting at the bottom of the window. I highly recommend embedding your documents fonts in the EPUB. Whoever views your document will probably not have the fonts you created it which will make for page drawing issues.

Once you have made all your settings, you click “Next” and choose where to export your document.

Once the document is exported just double-click on it to open it:

iBooks Window

That is my test book in the upper left corner of the window of the iBooks App on my Mac. When I double-click the icon:

Open Book

The EPUB book works great. As far as I am concerned, this iBook functionality works great. Whether you need an EPUB type document, try this functionality in Pages and see if it works for you.


I think it was a good idea to fold the iBook Author EPUB function into Pages. It seems to work seamlessly.