Postbox 6

As you know I have been back to using the excellent Postbox App for my email needs. The Postbox people just released version Six. I have installed version Six and am pleased with the improvements. Lets take a look at Postbox Six to see what is new and improved.

Postbox Six

Postbox is a powerful, feature-rich email App. As stated earlier, I much prefer it to the Apple Mail App. There are some cool new features in Postbox Six, although some of the changes just involve moving certain settings to different locations. 

Postbox Six has a new look with more modern, colorful icons:

Postbox Layout

The new Postbox Six look is on the left the old Postbox is on the right. I like the new look. The icons are bolder and more colorful. It just seems more modern looking. These appearance improvements are carried over into the Preferences area. Here is the old Preferences look:

Old Preferences

Here is the new Preferences look:

New Preferences

The new icons are bolder and easier to understand and there are some new features as well. One of the new features is a “Security” tab:

Security Tab

There are some settings from other areas that have been moved in here but I really like the new “Email Scams” Tab:

Email Scams

I have not seen this in action yet, but I think it is a cool idea. I also like the new “Antivirus” Tab:

Antivirus Tab

This is an excellent feature! The last time my Antivirus App caught a virus was in an email from a Windoze user. Typically the way the Antivirus App catches email malware is when I do my weekly scan of the whole hard drive. By activating the new “Allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual incoming messages” setting, my antivirus App can catch bad stuff as it arrives. I really like this, have to wait and see how it behaves.

Overall Summary

The Good—The new look and feel of Postbox Six is very welcome. I like the new features in the Security Section. Postbox Six is quite a bit faster than its previous versions. It really is snappy. I highly recommend Postbox Six for moderate to heavy email users. If you are a light email user (1-2 email accounts) you could probably get by with Apple’s Mail App.

The Bad—I will give you the bad news straight from the Postbox website:

Postbox is built using Mozilla code, and as of Firefox Quantum, add-ons are no longer supported by the Mozilla platform. Consequently, future versions of Postbox will no longer support add-ons, starting with Postbox Six.

Postbox has never had many add-ons, but the ones that were available were good. They say on their site that some of the add-ons will be folded into future Postbox versions. Though many of the features I like are already built into the App, this is still very disappointing to me. Apparently, implementing add-ons is very difficult. I have discovered workarounds for performing add-on functions within the Postbox App which is helpful. But, I would still prefer to have add-on capability.

So, here is the bottom line. There are no comparisons to the Apple Mail App when it comes to third party add-on functionality. There are some great third party add-ons for Apple Mail and I miss them to be quite honest. If this is super important to you, then you should stick with Mail. For now, I will stick with Postbox. It works seamlessly with all my email accounts. I am willing to trade some cool add-on functionality for stability and ease of use.


The new Postbox Six is worth a look. It definitely is an improvement over Postbox ver. 5. If you are running 5, I recommend updating. As far as I could tell, if you have a version 5 license, the update to ver. Six is free. Also, if you are not a Postbox user and are frustrated with other email Apps including Apple Mail, then give Postbox a try.