Sort Safari Bookmarks

There are a few new features in the recent macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 update. Some of them are under the hood fixes, some are geared toward graphics professionals and some are for us mere mortals. One of the new features is the ability to Sort Safari bookmarks by Name or URL.

Sorting Bookmarks

Why is sorting bookmarks a good thing? For me personally, I like the idea of sorting bookmarks by name, alphabetically. I frequently have a folder of 8-10 bookmark Tabs open at one time. Instead of searching through the Tabs for the site I want to see, I can quickly move to the right Tab because I know they are sorted by name, left to right in the browser. If you would like to implement this feature, first go into the Safari “View” menu and choose “Show Bookmarks Sidebar”:

Safar View Menu

This will activate the left sidebar Bookmarks Menu:

Safari Left Sidebar

Here you can see my Mac bookmarks are in non-alphabetical order. To get them into alphabetical order you right-click on the folder name:

Sort By Name

Then you choose “Sort By: Name” and the bookmarks are sorted:

Sorted Bookmarks

This is not a great epiphany, but it will definitely come in handy. By the way, when you add a new website to a sorted folder, the web address appears at the bottom of the list. The folder does not maintain its sort automatically. You have to go in and re-sort by name again.


This is not a big deal, but I think this sorting feature in Safari will be helpful. I definitely will be using it.