I know most Mac, and iOS users do a fair amount of texting, primarily with the Mac Messages App. I suppose most people use their iPhone for texting, but I do most of my texting on my iMac during the day or iPad during the night. It seems that I am always wanting to use text styles in my text messages, but the Messages App, Twitter and some others do not allow text styling. However, I have finally found a solution in the Textlicious App from Delicious Monster Software.


There is not a separate website for Textlicious. You can purchase it in the Mac or iOS App Store for $1.99. Here is how Textlicious works. Create a text in the Mac Messages App:

Messages Text

If there is a word or phrase you wish to stylize just right click on it to get the drop down menu:

Textlicious Menu

I think you can see the downside of how this App works already. You can see the choices you have there in the Services menu. A while back we talked about slimming down the Services menu. Textlicious adds a whole bunch of stuff to it. Because of that, Textlicious may not be your cup of tea. However, I like stylizing text so much in Messages I will stick with the App for now. Maybe they can find another way to make it work eventually, but for now I a good.

Here are some examples of Italics stylized text in the Messages App using Textlicious:


Here is an example of Bold stylized text:


And, here is an example of a Script font:


There are several other ways to use Textlicious to stylize text. However, I will pretty much stick with the basics of Bold and Italic, they are what I usually like to use.


This is not exactly breakthrough information, but if you are like me and want to stylize some text in the Messages App, Textlicious will work for you. It is available in the Mac or iOS App Store for $1.99. In the long run, it would be really cool if Apple built text stylizing into their Messages App. Now that would be totally awesome.