Deleting Automator Workflows

In my previous article I described how to use the macOS Automator App to make a Folder Action on my New Blog Icons folder on my Desktop. I felt like this topic would be ‘half-baked’ if I did not show you how to remove Folder Actions that were experiments or that you no longer use.

Folder Actions Setup

There are two things you need to do to remove a Automator Workflow or Application. First, go into your User Library Folder, scroll down and select the “Workflows” folder. Once you are in there, click on “Applications” and then “Folder Actions”:


Here you can see the “Scale” workflow that I made previously to scale my blog thumbnails to a certain size. I am not going to delete this, but if it was something you no longer needed, then go a head and delete it.

In my case the next thing I would do is Control ⌃ Click or Right-Click on the Folder in question and select Services → Folder Actions Setup:

Folder Actions Menu

If you do not see Folder Actions Setup in the Services menu, go into the Keyboard Preference Pane in System Preferences, select Services in the left sidebar, scroll down to Folder Actions Setup and activate it:

Keyboard Services

Once you enter Folder Actions Setup on the folder in question you will get this window:

Folder Actions Window

“Print Item” in red is an old folder action workflow that was removed from the Workflows folder, but not removed from Folder Actions Setup. All you have to do is select the item you wish to remove and click on the “minus” icon:

Delete Item

Now the Folder Action is completely removed from your machine. This cleanup process is not a bad idea if you are using Automator to try out different workflows on your Mac. I am sure you’re Automator experimentation will be a hit and miss process. You can easily delete the “misses” using this procedure.


I hope this article in conjunction with my previous article on Automator Folder Actions will encourage you to become a real Automator wonk. I am already heading in that direction.