iCloud Tabs

Lately, I have been in a bit of a trend on Safari features. I just get into a groove like that sometimes. One Safari feature that I use frequently is iCloud Tabs. If you are a light Web surfer, this may not interest you. However, if you are a moderate to heavy user of the Internet, you will like this feature.

iCloud Tabs

This is how I typically surf the Web. I do about 60% of my surfing on my iMac during the day. Then, I do 30-40% of my surfing at night on my iPad in front of the TV. Typically, I end up finding an interesting web site or web page on my iPad. But, I still want to check out the site more thoroughly on my Mac. With iCloud Tabs, I can surf the site on my iPad and resume exploring the site to my Mac. Here is how this works.

First, you have to add “Show iCloud Tabs” to your Safari Toolbar. Right-click on the Toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar”:

Customize Toolbar

You will be taken to this window displaying all the available Toolbar features:

iCloud Tabs

Drag the iCloud Tabs icon into the Toolbar and click “Done”. The iCloud Tabs icon now resides in your Safari Toolbar. When you click on it you will get a menu from any other Devices containing your Apple ID. Here is my wife’s laptop, an iPad and iPhone:

iCloud Menu

Sometimes you just want to continue some research on your Mac. Other times you want to do things on the website which can be accomplished more efficiently on your Mac. Whatever the reason, this is a very handy feature for that purpose.

I want to mention another thing here. If you have iCloud Tabs activated, you can see your Safari History for your Mac on an iOS device. Just go into Safari on your iOS Device and click on the website history boxes in the bottom right corner of the window:

Safari Window

You will be taken into your iOS Safari History. If you scroll to the bottom of this area you will see bookmark history for your other devices including your Mac:

iMac History

I use the iCloud Tag feature on my Mac the most, but occasionally I do want to refer to a Mac bookmark while using an iOS device.


The iCloud Tags feature is totally cool. If you are surfing the Web back and forth between an iOS device and a Mac you will find iCloud Tags to be invaluable.