iOS 11 iPad Safari Tabs Commands

I use my iPad Pro 10.5” continually. It is a super machine which comes in handy. There are several web browsers available for iOS these days, but I am sticking with Safari. It creates a seamless connection between Safari on my iMac and the iPad which is very helpful. If you use Safari on the iPad then you should be using the “Tabs” feature. 

Safari Tabs

Tabs are super handy when you are browsing multiple websites on your iPad. On this Safari window, I have three Tabs open:

Safari Tabs

When you are finished with your Tabs you can close them simultaneously by clicking and holding on the window symbol in the upper right corner of the Safari Toolbar:

Safari Toolbar Winodw

Here I would tap on “Close All 3 Tabs” and they will be closed. That is a pretty handy feature if you are doing some research on a topic and have a bunch of Tabs open. You can close them all immediately.

Here is something I do frequently. I have a tab or two open on a single topic. I close those Tabs and move on to other things. However, a while later I find I need to revisit the Tabs I closed earlier. That is no problem. Just click and hold on the “plus” symbol in the upper right corner of the Toolbar to get a list of “Recently Closed Tabs”:

Recently Closed

When you tap on one of these pages it will reopen in a new Tab. Now that is very cool, I know I will be using that quite frequently.


The iOS version of Safari has some nice hidden features similar to the Mac OS version. I think the Recently Closed Tabs and Close All Tabs features will speed your iOS Safari browsing experience.