Manually Adding Faces to Photos People

The Photos App has all kinds of neat little, user friendly features. One of those is the People feature which identifies photos of people by name. This is really handy if you are looking for specific photos of your kids or grandkids to embarrass them! Or, in my case, looking for photos of my attack cat Gabby.

Photos People

The Photos App does a pretty good job of matching new photos of people with what you already have, but occasionally it misses one or two. Then you have to manually add the name of that person to the Photos system. Here is how you do that. 

In an attempt to protect the innocent, I am going to use my attack cat Gabby as a subject for this procedure. Go into your Photos App, double-click on a photo to open it:

Photos Cat

Then all you have to do is right-click on the photo and select “Get Info”:

Get Info Box

To add a name just click on “Add Faces” which produces a window with “Click to Name”:

Click to Name

Click in the little box and start typing the name:


When you are finished typing, hit Return ⮐ and the name is added. If your name is similar to names already in Photos it will provide suggestions:

Name List

In this case it only listed one name, but if the name is a more prominent person Photos will drop down a list of possibles. All you have to do is click on the correct name and you are finished.


If you use the People feature in Photos, you will occasionally have to add a name manually. It is easy to do. There is no reason not to keep our Photos People up to date.