Safari History Search

One of the things I frequently is search through the History section of Safari looking for some website I visited a few days or weeks before. What I usually end up doing is going into the History drop down menu and manually looking through websites. However, there is an easier way to go about revisiting your prior web activity. It is much quicker to let the Address Window do the searching or just go into “Show All History.” Here is what I mean.

Safari History

My History visits are usually looking for pages that are over a week old, but I will use a recent search to demonstrate how easy this is. Earlier today I did a search on the 2018 NFL Draft. To revisit that page I just start typing 2018 NFL in the Safari Address Bar like so:

Address Bar Search

The place to look is in the Bookmarks and History section at the bottom of the drop down. You will probably find what you are looking for right here.

However, if I am looking for something that is obscure, maybe quite old, I will go into “Show All History” under the History menu:

Show All History

When I do that I get a page with all my browsing history which can be quite extensive:

All History

Now, you can scroll through the list if you wish or you can type your search terms in the Search Window:

Search Window

I prefer to use the “Show All History” window to do older searches. The reason is sometimes I have to try searching on different terms before Safari finds the correct article.

Incidentally, this searching will be time wasted unless you set Safari to retain your search information for at least a year:

Remove history items

I prefer to leave it on “Manually” because I end up clearing the browser history as a troubleshooting step occasionally.


I hope these different ways of investigating your browsing history will help. I have gotten back to using them most of the time it is just more efficient.