Safari Reader View

As far as I can tell, Safari is still the web browser of choice on the macOS. Chrome and Firefox are not bad browsers they have their own feature set. If you are looking for seamless macOS integration, Safari is the way to go. One of Safari’s features I use a fair amount is Reader View. It moves an article into a more text like view without all the ads and menu items.

Reader View

There are several reasons to use Reader View in Safari. If you are scanning a website of articles, but would like to drill down into a specific article just send it to Reader View. The Reader View is especially handy for longer articles. Also, you can adjust the text and viewing environment in Reader View. Here is how all this works.

Here is an article on the Macessence blog. To get into Reader View just click on the small paragraph symbol in the browser address area:

Safari Reader

You will be taken into Reader View:

Reader View

In Reader View the ads and menu items are gone. Reader View leaves you with text to read, but the articles still contain their inline images which is excellent! I think you can see how readable this article is in Reader View.

You can make several adjustments to the appearance of articles in Reader View by clicking on the small “A” in the right-hand portion of the browser address bar:

Reader Adjustment

That activates a drop down menu with some choices. You can change the font if you wish. You can make the text larger by clicking on the larger “A” symbol. But, this next feature is totally cool. If you click on one of those circles it changes the background and entire appearance of the article:

Tan Appearance

I like this tan appearance, it is really easy on the eyes. However, you can change the appearance to a gray motif or a black motif with white text. Just set it to whatever works best for you. These settings remain for each new Reader View page. When you are finished reading the article, click on the paragraph symbol again to be taken back to the regular web page.

I want to mention another thing here. If you navigate to the Websites Tab of Safari Preferences you can set a website to use Reader View continually:

Reader Settings

I do not like setting Reader View on a permanent basis. Many sites I visit are Mac websites that survive on ads. I do not wish to deprive them of this revenue, so I use Reader View on an occasional basis.


If you do a fair amount of reading from web pages, I highly recommend Reader View in Safari. It is very handy and adjustable to fit you’re reading style.