Safari Reading List

Most Apps have features that none of us know about or use. The Safari web browser is no exception to this. The Reading List in Safari is a totally cool feature, but I must admit I have not used it a whole lot. However, that is going to change in my future web browsing. 

Reading List

The Reading List feature in Safari allows you to bookmark articles in a list for reading later. If you do light web surfing you may not use this feature. If you are a heavy web user, it may come in handy. I think it would be especially useful if you were researching a topic by collecting articles for later comparison. I think the problem for me is remembering to use the Reading List feature, especially as I am researching articles for the Macessence blog. Here is how the Reading List works.

You access the Reading List feature by clicking the “Show Sidebar” icon in the Safari menubar:

Show Sidebar

Once the Sidebar is open you need to click on the Eyeglasses to bring up the Reading List:

Reading List Access

To add an article to the Reading List you click on the small “plus” symbol next to the web address:

Article Add

The article is added to your Reading List:


Now, you can read these articles at your leisure any time you wish. You can also add an article to the list using the Bookmarks menu “Add to Reading List”:

Add To List
If you use a mouse, you can do things to the articles by right-clicking on them:

Right-Click Menu

If you use a Trackpad, you can slide left or right to Delete or do other things:


If you have many articles in the Reading List, you can use the Search Box to look for something. 

If you look at the right-click menu above, you see a “Save Offline” feature. Why would you use this feature? If you fly a lot where you cannot have your Mac or iPad online, you can save several articles “Offline” for reading on your flight. Or, maybe you are going to be at a location (camping) where you have no network connection. It really is a handy feature.


I do a moderate to heavy amount of web surfing. Using the Reading List is a no brainer. I am glad my brain has become more aware of it. I will be using it more extensively in the future.