Uninstall App Store Apps

Like most people, some of my Apps on my Mac are purchased from third party websites and some from the Mac App Store. In a previous article I described how to remove third party applications using App Zapper. So, how do you remove applications that are downloaded from the Mac App Store?

Removing App Store Apps

I have to admit managing an application from the Mac App Store is pretty seamless. Sometimes the App Store does not download the most current version of an App and sometimes App Store applications are minus a few minor features because of Apple’s requirements, but it really is a nice way to manage your Apps. However, what if you no longer use an App Store application. You can hide the App Store version if you wish. If you are really done with it forever, you can remove it using the builtin Launchpad application. 

The Launchpad App comes in the Dock with all new Macs. Just look for the rocket ship icon. It launches full screen and allows you to scroll through pages of all your applications. It is easier to use the search box at the top of the window if you have lots of Apps like I do:

Launchpad Search Box

Keep in mind, Launchpad shows you ALL your applications. When you wish to delete a Mac App Store application just hold down the Option ⌥ Key. All applications from the Mac App Store will have an “X” in the upper left corner:

App Store Delete X

If you wish to Delete the App, click on the “X” and you will get this confirmation message:

Laucnhpad Message

Click “Delete” and the App is gone. 

After deleting this particular App I got curious if all the attendant files for the App were deleted also, I did a search for “Blogo” on my Mac and located this in the Home Library Folder:


Yes, Launchpad will delete the application, but it does not seem to do a good job of finding and deleting the attached files. 

I decided to do a little test using App Zapper. When I chose the Blogo App in App Zapper it selected these files to Delete:

App Zapper Window

Besides the App, it found another attached file. When I clicked Zap!, it deleted all of it.


If you primarily use Apple Apps on your Mac, I would just use Launchpad to do your deletions. However, if you have a bunch of applications like I do, a third party App deletion program is still the way to go.