Activating Favicon’s In Safari Tabs

I think most people that visit many websites use Safari’s Tabbed Interface. It is really handy, a fast way to switch between various websites. If you are like me and have lots of Tabs open, then you would have noticed the Tab names are truncated based on available space. Apple has sent help for this problem in macOS Mojave.

Safari Favicon’s

As previously mentioned, Mojave has some excellent new features. One of those features, albeit rather minor, is the ability to activate website Favicon’s in the Safari Tabbed Interface. When you first install and use Mojave, Safari Favicon’s are turned off. Here is how you activate them.

Safari Preferences

Go into Safari Preferences and click on the “Tabs” icon:

Safari Tabs

Then click on the box next to “Show website icons in tabs” to activate the web page Favicon’s:

Favicon's Activated

Now close out of the Preferences area and check your Safari Tabbed Interface:

Tabs Displayed

You can see the Favicon’s for each website. This is not a cure all, but I think it does help some. Obviously, the Favicon’s for the sites you are familiar with will jump right out. However, if the website in question is not visited very frequently the Favicon may not help much. As I said, this is not a complete solution, but it surely helps. It would be helpful to have a tooltip pop up of the site name when you roll your mouse over it. A tooltip in conjunction with a Favicon would pretty much seal the deal.


MacOS Mojave has some helpful new features. I am still exploring it and will bring you more goodies sometime soon. Mojave is scheduled for a Fall release. I think it will be great.