Mojave Dark Mode

Since I have a Developer account I went ahead and installed macOS 10.4 Mojave on my Beta drive. It is the first Mojave Beta so some of the features mentioned in the Keynote were not operational. However, I just wanted to give you a flavor for the new Dark Mode feature. It is totally cool.

Mojave Dark Mode

After installing Mojave you are presented with the usual iCloud login screen. Then it asks you if you want to run in normal or Dark Mode. I chose Dark Mode. When you finally get logged into the Desktop everything looks like night time. It is a totally cool look. You App icons and text show up big time. Here is the About This Mac window:

About This Mac

And here is a taste of what the new App Store looks like:

App Store

There are areas list in the sidebar to examine. You can get to a more granular listing by clicking “Categories”:


Here is the “Updates” area. If you have any updates for the macOS or installed App Store software they would be listed here:


This is the Mojave Finder in Dark Mode:

Finder Dark Mode

I will go into some of the new Finder features later. I think you can see how easy it is to differentiate icons and read text in Finder Dark Mode.

Here is System Preferences in Dark Mode:

System Preferences

By the way, you can turn Dark Mode off in General in System Preferences:


I do not know if I will use Dark Mode all the time, but I sure do like it. When I use Apps like Ulysses to do some writing I always use Dark Mode so maybe I am just drawn to it.


I am looking forward to experimenting with the new Mojave 10.14 OS from Apple. I am sure all the features will be implemented over the next few months for a September release. I will bring you some of my observations over time, stay tuned.