Mojave Stacks

The forthcoming Mojave OS 10.14 has some really nice new features. One of those features is called “Stacks”. The “Stacks” feature allows the OS to automatically organize Desktop files. I don’t many files or folders on the Desktop, but I know may people who do. Here is how the “Stacks” feature works.

Mojave Stacks

Here is my Desktop containing several .docx, .xls, pdf files:


Mojave is installed with the Stacks featured turned off. You activate it in the Finder “View” menu by choosing Use Stacks:

Stacks Activation

Once you activate Stacks all the files on your Desktop are organized:

Stacks Organized

In this case, there are Documents, Images, PDF Files, and Spreadsheets. If you click once on a Stack it opens all the icons for the files it contains on your Desktop:

Open Stack

Here, I clicked on the Images Stack. You can also scroll through the Stack icons with a mouse or trackpad. I cannot really demonstrate that here, but you will get the hang of it. It you double-click a stack it opens all the files in the Stack.

Here is a single-click on the .docx Stack (Word Files):

DOCX Stack

Stacks is set to organize your files by “Kind”. However, you can choose different organizational categories:

Group Stacks By

I think the “Kind” category will be used the most, but there may be an occasion where you need to sort on different criteria.


As earlier mentioned, I do not keep many files or folders on my Desktop. However, if you are one of those people that have bunches of files on your Desktop, the Stacks feature will be very helpful.