PMenu – Personalized Menu

I use different methods to launch applications on my Mac. I use the macOS Dock to launch my most used Apps. I also use Switchem to launch different App workflows. However, for years I have used some type of system to launch Apps by right-clicking on the Desktop which drops down a list of Apps. Recently, I have been using this functionality in Path Finder, but that feature no longer exists.

PMenu – How It Works

Cocoatech has just released Path Finder 8 which no longer has this type of menu functionality. They say Apple has deprecated this functionality in the newer Mac Operating Systems. I really like Path Finder 8 (more on this later), but the removal of the menu feature is a big disappointment to me. I like having that dropdown menu ability so I started looking for an App that would enable me to do that.

I searched on the Internet and the App Store and finally found PMenu – Personalized Menu by dana design. This is such a cool little App. There is one caveat if you are looking for this type of App. Almost all of them work as a menubar item. An icon is placed in the menubar of your Mac, you click on the icon and the menu drops down revealing whatever you have listed, like this:

PMenu Drop Down

When you select one of the Apps, it is launched. PMenu works like this also. That is all well and good, but it does not satisfy my workflow of being able to just click anywhere on the Desktop for a menu. Ok, so I am a little lazy. In this case it is PMenu to the rescue. They have a feature that allows for a “floating menu” which is opened by a keyboard shortcut. This is the floating menu on my Desktop:

Floating Menu

I assigned Option ⌥ “F” for the keyboard shortcut. All I have to do is click Option ⌥ “F” and the menu appears. This is so cool. But wait, there is more to this story.

If you can have your cake and eat it too why not do it. The keyboard shortcut is OK, but I am used to right-clicking on the Desktop for the menu. I know you are rolling your eyes at this point. But, there was a way to achieve this functionality. I use a very handy App called BetterTouchTool on my Mac. I am not too proficient with it yet. You can create all kinds of Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard commands with it in MacOS. So, I created a “Three Finder Tap” Trackpad command that activates the floating menu capability of PMenu. All I have to do is tap with three fingers on my Trackpad and the PMenu is activated. Now, we are talking.

PMenu Settings

First you go into the General Settings area and setup the App to your liking:


PMenu has a few Settings to deal with. Next, you go into the Sections Settings area to add your Apps:

Pmenu Apps

First you click on the plus symbol in Sections to add a section. I have added Apps and Folders. Then, click on that icon in the upper right corner of the window to add an item to the Section you have selected in the left sidebar. I added a bunch of Apps and some commonly used Folders.

PMenu works really well in High Sierra. It costs $4.99 in the Mac App Store. I think it is worth every dime if you like this type of menu functionality. Even if you do not have an App like BetterTouchTool and have to use the keyboard shortcut to activate the App, it is well worth it.


I am always looking for ways to automate my Mac workflow. PMenu is going to help me do that. For a whopping $4.99, it is worth a test drive at least.