Recapturing Space On Your iPhone

We all want bigger, better, and faster iPhones, it is just human nature. To a certain extent, we all have the same problems on our iPhones. The most common problem seems to be battery life. Coming in second place might be running out of storage space. There are ways to minimize battery problems, but how can you mitigate running out of storage space on your iPhone?

Recapture Storage Space

There are a couple of ways to recapture storage space on an iPhone. The most obvious is to remove Apps you no longer use or never have used. To do this go into Settings and click on General:

iPhone Storage

Scroll down and click on “iPhone Storage” to get to this screen:

Storage Information

You can see how much storage is available in the upper portion of this screen. While you are here, take a look at “Offload Unused Apps.” You might wish to Enable this setting which offloads unused apps, but retains the documents, and data for those Apps in case you wish to reinstall them at some point. This is not a bad idea, but I prefer to do this manually.

If you scroll down the list of my Apps you will see GarageBand weighing in at almost 2GB of space:


The iPhone is telling me I have never used this App. I am not a music person at all. If you decide to Delete an App, just slide it from right to left to get this screen:

Delete App

When you tap on “Delete App” you get the usual confirmation message:


Just tap on “Delete App” and the application is removed from your iPhone.

There is another way to gain back some space on your iPhone by clearing the Caches for Applications. The Safari browser is a good example. Go into Settings and scroll down until you see Safari. Tap on it and you are taken to a long screen of settings. If you scroll down to the bottom of this screen you will see “Clear History and Website Data”:

Clear Data

Some applications take up a lots of space with their caches. There are a few Apps that have a cache clearing preference in their settings area which is nice. However, the only way to really clear the cache on most third party Apps is to uninstall them and then reinstall them. That is a bit cumbersome, but if you are desperate for storage space it might help.


If you are running our to space on your iPhone, don’t panic! There are ways to restore some of that needed space with a little house cleaning.