DaisyDisk Disk Space Utility

I am always on the lookout for a new, fun, more efficient utility App for the Mac. Lately, I have been playing around with DaisyDisk that is an App that displays how your hard drive space is being used. This is a very well designed App and it is totally fun to use. I liked it so much, I bought it. Here is an overview of how DaisyDisk works.


There are several free Apps like OmniDisk Sweeper that can show you what is taking up all your hard drive space. However, I was so impressed with how DaisyDisk was designed and it’s functionality I thought it was worth the $9.99 price tag, especially if you will be using this type of application frequently.

When you open DaisyDisk you get this main window:

Main Window

You click the “Scan” button for whichever drives you wish to scan. Here I scanned my main Macintosh HD and got these initial results:

Main Screen Scan

It gives you a graphic of the files on your Mac along with a listing of what areas are using the most space. If you roll our mouse over one of the colored areas it lists it’s size in the right-hand column.

The way to us this is to drill down into the areas using the most space to see whether there is anything you can remove. Initially, I went into the Application Support within the User Library. In my experience, there usually are things (left overs) in the Application Support area that can be removed from your installation freeing up space.

While in this area I discovered a leftover item from days gone by, the Vmware Fusion folder:

Vmware Fusion

 I no longer use anything from Vmware, so this folder was expendable. In DaisyDisk you remove files and folders by dragging them onto the target in the lower left corner of the App window. Once the folder is there you click the “Delete” button and it gives you a warning, then deletes it from your Mac.

You can even use DaisyDisk to delete “Purgeable Space” from the System:

Purgeable Delete

 Once you click on the “Delete” button, the App deletes whatever you have dragged onto it:

Delete Progress

It takes a while to do this deletion, but it is worth it to gain needed hard drive space.

By the way, there is an option in DaisyDisk to “Scan as Administrator” that is a good idea. To “Scan as Administrator” you have to click the little down arrow on the “Scan” button and choose it before starting your scan:

Scan As Administrator

If you “Scan as Administrator” more hidden files are made available to you for possible removal. This really is the best way to scan using DaisyDisk. 

As you can see in these images, you can scan only a folder if you wish. This type of scan is quite fast and can be useful if you know you do not need to scan your whole hard drive.

I purchased DaisyDisk from the Developers website, but they have an App Store version as well. Here is their version statement:

Mac App Store edition of DaisyDisk has a few less features, in order to comply with Apple’s app submission policy. Mac App Store users can get these features free of charge by installing the standalone version of DaisyDisk along with the one they purchased from Apple. Also, they can get a free stand-alone license.

This by the way is why I try to buy standalone versions of software when I can. They are more robust with more features.


 I really like the ease of use and accuracy of DaisyDisk. The ‘Dark Mode’ appearance is a plus as well, especially since I will be using Mojave Dark Mode most of the time. I know it is a bit of an expense at $9.99, but if you will perform this type of cleaning on your machine I think DaisyDisk is worth it.