Mojave Dynamic Desktop

In keeping with my Mojave OS research I thought I would take a look at the new Dynamic Desktop feature. I am quite sure I will be using the new Dark Mode in the Finder. I like the Dynamic Desktop, lets take a look at how it works.

Dynamic Desktop

The idea behind Dynamic Desktop is your Mac Desktop gradually moves from light to dark as the day progresses. Not exactly a necessity for happy computing, but still it is a fun feature.

To activate the Dynamic Desktop feature you need to enter the Desktop Preference Pane:

System Preferences

Once inside the Desktop Preferences you have to click on the drop down menu and choose “Dynamic”:

Dynamic Menu

When you select Dynamic from the menu, the Dynamic Desktop is selected in the window below. This is what the Desktop Pref Pane should look like when you are finished with this setup:

Dynamic Desktop Setup

Here is what the Mojave Desktop looks like in the early hours of the day:


Here is what it looks like in the afternoon:


And, here is what it looks like at night:


The changes in these photos is rather stark, but in real time the changes in the Desktop are gradual. It is not exactly a necessity, but I kind of like this feature.


I think you will enjoy the stability of Mojave, but also it’s new features. It will be fun to experiment with them.