Mojave Preview Editing Controls

I continue to work with a beta version of the new Mojave OS for the Mac. It is pretty cool, but some of the features mentioned in the Keynote are not fully implemented yet. That is to be expected in early betas, I am sure they will be added soon. One of the improvements is having editing tools in various macOS functions like Screenshots and Quick Look. So, let’s take a quick look at this shall we.

Editing Screenshots

When you take a screenshot in Mojave a small icon of the screenshot is placed in the bottom right corner of your Desktop for a limited time. If you do nothing, the screenshot just goes to wherever your OS has set them to go, usually the Desktop. However, if you click on the small icon before it goes away, the screenshot opens up in this window:

Mojave Screenshot

The screenshot is placed in a window with editing tools across the top. Those editing tools are the Markup editing tools from the Preview App. To me this is super convenient. You no longer have to save the screenshot, open it in Preview, edit it and then save it. With this new system, you can edit right in the screenshot window. Then, you can click “Done” and save the screenshot wherever you like. Or, you can click on the small “Share” icon in the upper right corner of the window and share the edited screenshot to the usual places.

Editing Quick Look

You pretty much can do the same thing in a Quick Look document. If you recall, to use the Quick Look feature you select a file and then press the Spacebar that opens the file in Quick Look. Here is a photo of my Drill Press (yes I am a woodworker). I selected it on the Desktop and hit the Spacebar:

Quick Look Editing

The same Markup editing controls from Preview are in the toolbar area. You can some editing of the photo and then Share it to wherever. 

There is one caveat here. I do not believe this new editing feature in Screenshots and Quick Look has been fully implemented yet. I will test this again in a few more weeks and advise.

Having access to editing and markup tools right in the Screenshot and Quick Look window is very handy. I really like it. I have to admit, I do most of my screenshots with the very excellent Snagit App, but if you use the built-in Screenshot capability of the macOS I think you will be pleased with these improvements.

Just One More Thing

I would be remiss if I did not mention the new icon based editing menu in the Mojave screenshot App. The screenshot feature has a new keyboard combination, Command ⌘ – Shift ⇧ – 5. When you use this keyboard combination you get this new menu below your screenshot:

Screeshot Icons

In this little window you can grab the entire screen, just a window, or a selection. You can record video screenshots, which used to require a trip to QuickTime Player. If you click on the “Options” menu you can change several settings:

Screenshot Options

You can change where your screenshots are saved. You can also set a timed screenshot. Many of the things in this new Screenshot menu you needed to do with other Apps like Quicktime and Grab. Apple is combining all these logical features for working with screenshots into one area which is excellent.


I think this new editing/markup capability built into Screenshots, Quick Look and the new window combination will be a welcome addition to streamline your daily workflow.