Mojave Printer Setup

I am still poking around in the new Mojave macOS. In my travels, I decided to see how it does at setting up printers. Keep in mind I am doing this in the Mojave Developer version that is installed on an SSD. The printer setup is very similar to macOS High Sierra, but it is really easy to implement in Dark Mode.

Mojave Printers

Setting up printers in Mojave takes place in the Printers & Scanners Preference area, the same as macOS High Sierra:

System Preferences

Once you are in there you will see the Printers & Scanners window with nothing in it. Just click the “plus” symbol to see a list of available printers:

Printers List

Choose which printer to setup and click “Add”:

Printer Add

This will more than likely find the printer driver either on your Mac in Mojave or download it from Apple. It will install the printer:

Installed Printer

It is so easy to see the printers and their setup information because of Dark Mode.

After setting up my Canon Multifunction Series printer I setup my HP Officejet Pro:

Officejet Setup

This printer setup with no problems using AirPrint:

Officejet Setup Dark

Yes, printer setup in Mojave is pretty much the same as earlier Mac OS’s. I just wanted to give you a feel for what it is like in the new Mojave Dark Mode. I am liking Dark Mode more and more, I am curious what you think of it.


Although there are some cool new features in macOS Mojave, many things remain very similar to earlier Mac operating systems. This is good, there needs to be a certain amount of continuity between these systems to maintain user friendliness. I sure like the new Dark Mode I think you will also.