Mojave System Software Update

In my continuing interaction with Apple’s new Mojave OS, I wanted to briefly take a look at updating the System Software. There are a few ways to update the macOS in Mojave. They are very similar to High Sierra, but a little more streamlined.

About This Mac Update

The App Store pretty much takes care of updating your App Store Apps automatically. However, to update the macOS software you need to use one of two methods. First, you can go to the Apple icon I the upper left corner of your Mac Desktop window and choose “About This Mac” which will produce the usual Mac Information window:

Software Update

Just click on “Software Update…” and the update tool checks for any macOS updates very quickly. If there are updates for Mojave they are displayed in the next window. If there are no updates the window displays like this:

Update Window

If you click on “Advanced…” you get the usual settings regarding how you want to update your machine:

Update Choices

I usually do not allow my macOS to update automatically, preferring to wait a few days to see whether there are any problems. However, with the Mojave beta, I don’t think it is a big issue. 

System Preferences Update

No matter how you access Software Update on the Mac, you are using the System Preferences Pref Pane. So, you can just go to System Preferences and click on the Software Update Pref Pane and get the same result as using the “About This Mac…” window:

System Preferences


There are different ways to update your macOS system software in Mojave. It is similar to macOS High Sierra. In keeping with most new Mojave features, the software update process has been streamlined a little bit. Mojave is all about improved user workflow experience.