Writing Window Focus

One of the features I like when it comes to writing is something called Window Focus or Focus. It is also known as Distraction Free Writing. Very few writing Apps seem to have this feature built-in, but a few of them do. Window Focus is the ability of the App to black out your Desktop window while presenting your writing window on top. The idea is that all your “Focus” is in the writing window with all other distractions blocked out. However, what to do if the App you like to write with does not have this capability.

Distraction Free

Most of my writing is for the Macessence blog. I have used several Apps over the years to write and produce the blog. Most of those Apps have some form of Distraction Free windowing. I have used ByWord for a while, it has this capability. It is a nice writing App, but with limited blogging capabilities. I have used Desk blogging App which also has a “Focused Writing” mode. It  blacks out the entire Desktop and leaves the writing area in the center:


Desk works pretty well, but it is a little buggy.

I have also used the Blogo App for blogging. It presents a light colored window in a completely blacked out Desktop which works:


Blogo was great for doing blogs, but as far as I can tell it is no longer supported.

For a while I used Ulysses, a really great writing App. It has blogging capabilities, although these capabilities are not what I would call full-featured. Ulysses blacks out the window like the Desk App does:


It places your writing area in the center, the remainder of the Desktop is blacked out. 

Here is the deal folks. I can use any of these Apps (and a few others) to do the Macessence blog. But, for reasons mentioned and some not mentioned I have gravitated back to my old standby MarsEdit. MarsEdit is a true, dedicated blogging App. It is really great for strictly blogging. However, it does not have a Window Focus mode. You can make it full screen, but no Window Focus.

There is a remedy for the lack of Window Focus in MarsEdit which I have covered in a previous Macessence article. The remedy is called Window Focus by FIPLAB. Window Focus resides in your Menu Bar. When you activate it, the front most window is left alone and the remainder of your Desktop is blacked out. Here is how it works with MarsEdit:


The regular window sits forward and the remainder of the screen is blacked out. On really nice feature of the Window Focus App which I mentioned previously is you can adjust how black the background is. I leave it at about 75% opacity which is quite dark, but allows me to see a vague outline of what else is on the Desktop.


If you do any writing at all I am sure you are using some type of Window Focus feature. If you are not, I highly recommend trying it out if your App has that feature. If it does not, there is always the Window Focus App from FIPLAB.