Finer Focus

I have mentioned and used several “Distraction Free” Apps for my writing chores over the years. Sometimes the writing Apps I use have built-in “Distraction Free” features themselves. Recently, I saw an App called Finer Focus from SpriTec Software. These are the same people who make SuperTab. Finer Focus does pretty much what other “Distraction Free” writing Apps do, but it is totally fun to use. 

Finer Focus: How It Works

The Finer Focus people offer a 15 day free trial of the App. However, it is worth the $4.99 price tag when you see all it can do. Once installed you access Finer Focus (hereinafter called FF) through the Menubar area”

Finer Focus Menu

Once you have activated FF it maintains your front most App in Focus and blurs everything else until you click on “Crystal Clear (Off)” at the bottom of the drop down menu. I really like the “Deep Sea” focus, but it is fun to play around with all of them to see what they look like.

Right now I am writing this article in MarsEdit using FF too keep me focused on the task at hand. If I roll my mouse over the Dock, it is highlighted. It is the same for the Menubar. That is a very nice feature for going different places and using different tools while Focus is activated. 

Besides, all the different color applications to FF, there are a couple of other settings that are totally handy. The “Windows” setting brings all your open Windows to the front and dims out  Desktop. I cannot really show you this, I am using a 27” iMac. This is really handy if you are going back a forth between windows in two different Apps. 

If you wish to get really serious about “Distraction Free” writing, then you use the “Pure Zen” setting which maintains your writing window to the front and completely removes everything else on your Mac. Everything else becomes invisible! Now THAT is what I called Focused Writing!

Finer Focus Settings

FF has a few settings for adjusting dimming and a few other things:


In the Themes area, you can make adjustments per Theme. In my case, it is Deep Sea. It is really easy to see how these things work by playing around them. Pick your favorite theme, then go in and adjust it to your satisfaction. 

There are also some Options for FF:


The Options are self-explanatory. Go ahead and play with them to see what they all do. I made a few small adjustments in this section, but not many.


If you do any amount of writing, you probably use some type of “Distraction Free” App or setting. It is the only way to go as far as I am concerned. If you are already using another “Distraction Free” type App, you can download Finer Focus for a 15 day free trial, it cannot hurt. Once you play around with it, you may decide as I did, that it would be my preferred Focusing App from now on. It is not only fun, but it has enough helpful functionality to really keep you focused on your writing.