iOS 11 Portrait Orientation Lock

Like many of you, I have used some version of the iPhone for many years. I am currently running an iPhone 8 and iOS 11.4.1. As you know, you can turn your iPhone with your hand and it flips from Portrait to Landscape mode automatically. For some reason, this feature has been bugging the heck out me lately. Every time I pull out my iPhone it is in Landscape mode which I use very little. I remembered a simple fix that has been in iOS for a while, and I am so glad I did.

iPhone Screen Orientation

I am so fed up with constantly trying to get my iPhone from Landscape to Portrait mode. I use Portrait mode about 95% of the time. Here is what it looks like when I first pull my iPhone out of its case:

iPhone Landscape

This drives me nuts! Then, I have to spend a few seconds moving the iPhone around to get it back to Portrait mode.

There is a way to Lock the iPhone screen in Portrait. At first I could not find this adjustment anywhere in the Settings area. After doing a little research online I discovered it is located in the Control Center area. After swiping up to activate Control Center I found the Portrait Orientation Lock feature here:

Portrait Lock

When I tapped that I got a notification at the top of the screen “Portrait Orientation Lock On.” The padlock icon turns to red:

Portrait On

Now, I do not have to mess with my iPhone going into Landscape mode. 

There are a few things I do that necessitate Landscape mode like viewing certain websites or YouTube videos, but these occasions are very rare for me. If you frequently find yourself in Landscape mode on your iPhone, you will probably want to leave it on Auto Orientation mode.


This is not terribly astonishing, but if you are bugged by the constant Landscape mode thing, you have a remedy at your fingertips.