Mojave Migration Assistant App New & Improved

The macOS has contained some version of the Migration Assistant Utility App for several years. It works quite well as far as I am concerned, I have used it often. Migration Assistant has had the capability to migrate portions of a Windows PC to a Mac, but it has been quite limited, until now that is.

Mojave Migration Assistant

The Mojave version of Migration Assistant Utility is several improvements over earlier versions. The Mojave version will now migrate user accounts, documents, email, contacts and calendar. The ability to migrate email from Microsoft Outlook alone is worth the price of admission. I have migrated people from PC’s to Macs several times. Email has always been the problem in these migrations. If the Mojave Migration Assistant can migrate Outlook email, it will be a “giant step for mankind!”

Just out of curiosity I decided to activate the Migration Assistant App in my Mojave Developer Beta 6. Keep in mind, this is still in beta and should not be used to migrate a PC at this time.

Here is the main window when you boot up Migration Assistant:

Migration Assistant Window

That is the typical window you see when starting Migration Assistant. It does log you out of your current Mac user. Also, you are seeing one of Mojave’s new Desktop Backgrounds in the background, more on that later.

Migration Assistant closes all currently running Apps and logs you out so be sure you have your work saved:

Log Out

Sorry for the quality of these images, I had to use my iPhone to capture them.

Here is the screen you get when choosing to migrate from a PC:

Windows Transfer

When you click continue it tells you to download the Migration Assistant App on your PC before moving forward. I cannot show the full process here because I wisely do not own a PC!! Yes, I run Windows 10 in Parallels for testing purposes, but that is as far as I will go.


The more I use Mojave the more I discover little gems of delight in the OS. My Developer version is on Beta 6 and the normal Beta version is on 5. It is coming along. I will keep you posted on any other goodies that come to light.