One Chat

I am sure you are like me and you are managing several different online media accounts. Besides Facebook, I use WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter and Apple Messages. That is a lot of different Apps to learn and use. Recently, I discovered a new App called One Chat by AppYogi Software. One Chat is “one App to rule them all.”

One Chat Overview

If you are looking to consolidate most of your chat media type Apps in one place, One Chat may be your go-to application. One Chat can monitor a bunch of different chat media type accounts. I use it for Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in One Chat at this time. Here is the Twitter window:

Twitter Window

I have two different Twitter accounts setup in Tabs. To setup a type of chat account you click that plus symbol in the bottom of the window, more on that in a bit.

Here is my Messenger feed. I had to block out a bunch of stuff to maintain the privacy of my friends:

Messenger Feed

I know it looks weird, but I had to block out lots of personal information, sorry. In the upper right corner of One Chat you will find the various functions that apply to each of these Apps. In this case, those little icons up there apply to the Messenger App.

Here is my WhatsApp account:

WhatsApp Window

Again, I had to remove the names to protect the innocent. The WhatsApp command features are in the upper right corner of the window.

One Chat Preferences

If you click on the plus symbol in the bottom left corner of the One Chat window you are taken into the Accounts Preferences area:

One Chat Accounts

If you check a chat vendor in the left column, the setup appears in the right column. Here you can choose what type of notifications you prefer for that particular account. This image only displays a few of the chat choices in the left column. You can scroll up or down for about fifteen or twenty more.

While you are in the Preferences area you should take a look in the General Tab:

General Tab

Here you will find the usual suspects for setting up how One Chat works. If you click on the Privacy Tab you get a button that allows you to set a password for the One Chat App:


You have to confirm the password which is typical App behavior and you are set to go:

Password Confirm

Considering you will probably have several chat type accounts going at one time it is pretty thoughtful of the One Chat people to add password capability. You might wish to keep this chat information private, right?

One Chat offers an iPad version of their App which is free. The iPad version is very similar to the Mac version and it works quite well.


I have been using One Chat for a few weeks now without any problems. The App costs $19.99 in the App Store, but that is a small price to pay to monitor most of your online communicating under one roof. I say most, because it does not allow you to load Facebook Pages and of course it does not allow monitoring of your Messages App. However, if you use some of these other chat services (there are bunches of them) I think it is worth it to use this all-in-one solution.