I primarily use the Photos App to do most of my photo editing. That includes several Extensions inside the Photos App to other third party specialty editing Apps like Snapheal, Acorn, Luminar and others. Recently, I got a good deal on Photolemur so I added it to the collection. Photolemur is a pretty handy photo editor, check it out.


Photolemur is a one stop photo editing App. You can run it as a standalone App, but I prefer to use it inside my Photos App editing environment. When you are in the Editing area, click on the Extensions icon and select Photolemur:

Photos Extensions

You will be taken to a screen listing a series of things Photolemur is doing to your photo like checking the sky, faces, white balance and others. Once it is finished, it does not take long, it presents a Before and After of your photo:

Before After

You can slide the Before and After line to check the whole photo. Check out the wood area in this photo. The After area is much lighter with more detail. Now check out the light and detail of the green paper weight (My wife and I made these):

Light Enhancement

Photolemur does a fine job of reading your photo and making the proper corrections. When you are satisfied with the results you click on Save Changes in the upper right corner and Photolemur saves your corrected photo:

Saving File

Photolemur works with Jpegs, HEIF and RAW file formats. If you are saving a Jpeg type photo from an iPhone, the saving process is quick. If you are editing and saving a RAW photo, the saving process takes a while.

This page lists all the things Photolemur corrects. Face Retouching, Noise Enhancement and Horizon Straightening are coming soon. I cannot wait for the Horizon Straightening, I use that all the time in Photos.

I think Photolemur excels at sky correction. Check out this photo with lots of blue sky:

Blue Sky Correction

It really improves the sky in photos including removing haze. Here is another sky photo with lots of haze:

Sky Haze

The other thing Photolemur excels at is photos with dark areas. I found that photos taken in bright sunlight did not receive too much correction. However, photos with dark areas are greatly improved by Photolemur.

Let me touch on another thing before I go. When you are in the Photolemur Before and After screen, there is a small icon of a Pen in the lower right corner of the window:

Pen Adjuster

If you think a photo is too bright or enhanced too much you can adjust the enhancement using this tool. It comes in handy with photos taken in bright sunlight.

So, here is my new photo editing workflow using Photolemur. I open the photo in Photolemur. If I like the corrections it makes, I usually do, I save it back into the Photos App. Then I use the Default Sharpen and Definition setting and I am pretty much done. 


Photolemur is $34.99 from their website which is a little pricey for a all-in-one photo editor, but if you do a lot of photo editing it can save you a lot of time. However, the App Store version is on sale for $19.99. That is the version I am using.