Save Messages Photos

I figured everyone knew how to save and do other things with Messages Photos in iOS. However, the other day I came across some folks who thought when a photo arrives in a text Message, it is automatically saved on your iOS device. Nothing could be further from the truth. So, here is a brief primer on saving Messages Photos on your iOS device.

Messages Photos

I think we get more photos via the Messages App these days than any other delivery method. Some of those photos are part of communicating with our friends and family. However, sometimes we want to save a photo. Here is how to do that.

Here is a photo sent to me in the Messages App:

Messages Photo

You can tap on the photo to enlarge it for better viewing. If you wish to do anything with the photo you need to “tap and hold” on the photo which produces these menus:

Photo Menus

The top menu is for quick replies to the message originator. They are kind of fun and useful if you do not have much time to respond. The bottom menu allows you to “Copy” a photo or “Save” a photo. If you tap “Save” the photo in question is saved directly into your Photos on the iOS device you are using. If your Photos are connected to other devices through the Cloud, the new photo will be available everywhere.

I want to mention another feature here. If you tap on the “More…” button you can Delete the photo or Forward the photo to another person:

The deletion method is obvious. To forward the photo to another person, tap on the arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen that presents this window:

New Message

Enter the address of the new person, add your message below the photo and share that photo goodness with others.


I suppose this is pretty basic information, but it may help the less well versed in iOS and serve as a reminder for the rest of us.