CleanMyMac X

I have used some version of CleanMyMac system maintenance utility for a few years now. It is a good, reliable App for maintaining your Mac. It has not caused me any problems that I know of, so I keep using it. MacPaw software has released CleanMyMac X (hereinafter referred to as CMM X). I will take a look at the new version, but there is a catch.


So, what is the catch you ask? MacPaw is pushing CMM X users to a subscription based licensing system. You can still buy the standalone license, but their pricing screams “We want you to use our subscription model!”

Before getting into the new improved features of CMM X I want to briefly address the subscription model. I know many people do not like the subscription model. I did not like it at first, but my views have been modified a little over time. Here is the way I approach subscriptions. If the App is one of my most used, important Apps, then I am OK with a subscription model. Examples of this in my workflow would be Pathfinder, CMM X, 1Password and a few others. I think I need to keep these “mission critical” Apps current and am willing to pay for that. I am not too worried about constantly updating other less used Apps. I will probably update them at some point, but through a standalone license. That is my two-cents worth, I know YMMV.

Without further adieu, here is the new main window of CMM X:

CMMX Main Window

It looks similar to the old version, but there are added features and nice improvements under the hood. When you click on the Scan button you get this window:

Scan Window

CMM X has a new, streamlined window. Besides, the improvements of a new, cool interface, one of the most notable improvements to CMM X is its speed! The scans are much faster than older versions which is totally cool.

When you click the Run button CMM X speedily cleans the junk from your Mac. You end up with a window like this:

Finish Window

It seems like CMM X has more maintenance features than ever before beside having new cleaning filters as well. In addition to all the usual stuff it does, it has a new Malware Removal tool. I do not know how effective this is, but it cannot hurt. It has a new Optimization area where you can deal with Login Items, Launch Agents and other stuff:

Optimization Center

The new feature that I like the most is called Updater. When you click on it in the sidebar it displays a list of all your Apps that need updating:


This is such a cool feature! It lists all the third party Apps on your Mac that have updates. How it determines that I have no clue. It does not appear to interact with App Store applications. It shows you what version the App will be updated to and lists what is new in the update. What a slick feature. I used this to update several out of date Apps. There were a couple where the update did not take, but at least it alerted me to the need to do one.

I want to mention one more thing here. CMM X has an uninstaller similar to older versions. However, this uninstaller lists your 32-Bit Apps:

32-Bit Apps

 With the demise of 32-Bit Apps around the corner, that is a helpful feature.


CMM X really is “new and improved” over earlier versions. I like the new features and speed improvements. Since I consider CMM X to be one of my mission critical Apps I do not mind going to the subscription model. Current users do get a discount also. Obviously, if you are currently using CMM X you will have to decide which way to go to get this new version.