Help Finding Menu Commands

Typically the way I access Menu Commands in Apps is to use the drop down menu or keyboard shortcuts. However, from time to time I need a Menu Command like Superscript or something similar. So, then I spend about 5 minutes looking for that little used command in the particular App I am using. If I remember to use the Help Menu I can save lots of time.

Help Menu

Lets say you are using the Pages App to write some type of document. Here is my Pages example:


In this case, you wish to place a Superscript footnote number right after the last word in that sentence. Good luck trying to find the Superscript Menu Command. 

Never fear, there is always the Help Menu to the rescue:

Help Menu

Start typing the name of the command you need in the “Search” box. The Help Menu drops down a list of items that match your search:

Help Menu Drop Down

When you highlight your command in the drop down list, the Help Menu displays where that command is located. You do not have to move your mouse to the drop down menu. All you have to do is click on your command in the initial Help Menu list and that command will be executed in your document. Here is what it looks like in my test document:

Help Text Document

There are all kinds of ways to use the Help Menu to find application commands. Lets say you wanted to add a Link to some text in a Pages document. All you have to to do is type “link” in the Help Menu and you are shown where that command resides:

Add Link

You can use this Help Menu system to find all kinds of Menu Commands. And, if you use it enough it can help you learn where some of the more little used commands are located for future reference.


About half the time the macOS Help Menu is kind of lame. It does not find what you are looking for in an App or in macOS. However, it excels when finding Menu Commands. It is a real time saver. Hopefully, you and I can get into the habit of using it instead of wasting a bunch time looking through drop down menus.