Hiding iOS Messages Notifications

If you are at least an intermediate to heavy Messages App user in iOS, then I am certain this has happened to you. You are included in a text string with several other people for whatever reason. However, after a while, some of the people continue the text on and on forever! It seems like the notifications will never end. Is there a way out of this messaging nightmare?

Hiding Notifications

The good news is Apple has provided a way to hide constant notifications in the iOS Messages App. If you do not wish to delete the text in question, you can hide all of the ongoing notifications. Here is a test text I sent to my wife:

Test Text

The thing to do is go into the text area and tap on the little “info” icon in the upper right corner of the window:

Info Window

You will be presented with this window (had to blur out the map):

Info Area

All you have to do now is tap on the “Hide Alerts” slider and the alerts for that particular texting session will be hidden. You will cease to get all the text notifications of all the people involved:

Hiding Alerts

When you tap “Done” you will be taken back to your conversation, but without the constant notifications. By the way, don’t forget to turn the “Hiding” feature off so notifications will resume in later texts if you wish.


I do appreciate friends and family including me in their conversations from time to time. But, when I continue on without me (which is perfectly fine) I like to be able to mute the notifications.