Matching Emoji in iOS Messages

The iOS has a ton of features, some of which I use and some I do not use. Most features are more functional for me, but occasionally I run across something that is fun. Recently I came across this on the Apple website. You can have the iOS Messages App substitute Emoji for words in your text. Not exactly earth shattering, but fun none-the-less. Here is how you do it.

Messages Emoji

This is the a test message I typed into the Messages App:


Once you have entered your message click on the Emoji symbol at the bottom of the keyboard:

Emoji Highlight

The highlighted words can be replaced with Emoji. All you have to do is tap on a highlighted word and the Emoji feature of Messages suggests replacement Emoji for that word or series of words:

Emoji Suggestions

Tap on the Emoji you wish to use. Move through your document, tap and select the preferred Emoji:

Tap Through

When you are finished, tap back into the regular keyboard and tap on the send symbol:

Send Emoji


I know this is no big deal, but it really is fun to do. I learned how to do this on the Apple website, but I think I first saw it on my iPhone in Messages from my grandkids.