Mojave Install!!

Apple release macOS Mojave 10.14 today. I have been saying, if you have mission critical software that may not work in Mojave at this time then hold off on the install. However, since I am a totally brave soul, or perhaps a little crazy, I installed it this afternoon. Here is my install procedure, use whatever portion of it that works for you.

Mojave Install

I use tons of software, but my mission critical software has been working in it for a while. So, I decided to install it today. Here is how I prepared for the install. 

  1. Current backup in Chronosync
  2. Current clone of my iMac with Carbon Copy Cloner
  3. Then, turned off Chronosync and BackBlaze backups until after the install
  4. Ran Onyx to clear all the caches in MacOS High Sierra
  5. Restarted the iMac
  6. Ran the Mojave Install from the App Store.

The install process is pretty normal, business as usual. It downloads the installer, then Restarts the computer. The install is pretty normal, although  took almost 1 hour to finish. That may be just my machine, if you have a newer Mac, your install may be faster.

Mojave Bootup

One of the best things you can do after a major macOS upgrade is to do a normal Restart of your Mac. Trust me, this just seems to clean stuff up and get the OS back to working in a snappy manor. Speaking of snappy, the Mojave install on my machine is very snappy. Stuff boots up quickly, although a few Apps obviously need updating. 

Speaking of updating Apps, I have been doing just that for the last few hours! After installing Mojave, approximately 20 (or more) Apps indicated they had updates. I have spent a bunch of time updating them. It really is important to install these updates before doing a bunch of work in Mojave. Just install the App updates which may require a Restart or two and move on.

I want to mention a couple more things. I am working in and using Mojave Dark Mode. I think I really like it. Most of the Apps updates included the ability to work in Dark Mode which I really appreciate. Said this already, but Mojave seems quite snappy. Oh yes, I almost forgot. The Mojave Install has reclaimed about 20 GB on my iMac hard drive. I gained 20 GB of space which is very cool!


My overview is Mojave is worth installing right away as long as it does not mess up your normal workflow. The install and subsequent App updates is time consuming. I would allow an afternoon for the whole process, or perhaps an evening. It is too soon to tell, but it seems Mojave will have less problems than High Sierra, at least I hope so.