Optimizing With CleanMyMac X

In my previous article on CleanMyMac X (CMM X) I covered several of it’s features which included touching on Optimization. I have had some time to look into the new and improved Optimization feature and discovered how helpful it can be on my Mac. So, lets’ take a look at the Optimization feature.


The CMM X Optimization feature is not what you might think. At first glance you might see it as cleaning out a bunch of junk on your system, but that function is covered under the “Cleanup” section of CMM X. The Optimization feature involves Login Items, Launch Agents, Hung Applications and Heavy Consumers. Here is the Optimization main window:

Optimization Window

Login Items

When you click on Login Items a list is displayed in the right side of the Window. You can go through there and see what is Enabled and what is Disabled. I never knew there were so many potential Login Items on my Mac. When I scrolled through this list I discovered a few things that should have been Enabled but were not. One of those items was the Bartender App which manages all my Menu Bar items:

Disabled Items

All you have to do is click on Disabled and the item is Enabled once again. How it ever got disabled I will never know. I went through my Login Items list and discovered a few Enabled items I no longer use so I Disabled them. I also turned on a few other things that were off. Login Items really hinder or help how fast your Mac boots up so it is advisable to keep this list as small as possible.

Launch Agents

Now, the Launch Agents area is a bit more complicated. As it says in the Launch Agents window:

Mostly, these are small satellite applications of other software products that you have. They broaden the functionality of the main product, but in some cases you may consider removing or disabling them.

I scrolled through this list and I did Disable a few of these items. But, I have a caveat here. Launch Agents can be pretty complicated so if you do not know what one of the Agents does, I highly recommend leaving it alone. If it is Disabled leave it that way, if it is Enabled leave it that way. However, having said this, there are a few things in Launch Agents that should be obviously Enabled or Disabled, you will be able to make that determination. If you are not sure, just leave it alone.

Hung Apps & Consumers

The last two sections in the Optimization area are Hung Applications and Heavy Consumers. So, what do these terms mean? A Hung App can be one of three things:

  1. The Application stops in the middle of a procedure or command. There can be many reasons for this, but the problem is, sometimes you do not know the App is hung. CMM X can detect this type of hang and force quit the App.
  2. Sometimes an App crashes but leaves certain processes running in the background. Again, CMM X can close the App and force all processes to quit.
  3. Other times you have quit an App and it just will not quit. In this case, it is CMM X to the rescue.

I did not have a Hung App to show you how this works, but I do not think it is too complicated. 

The Heavy Consumer category is a bit different. There are certain Apps that consume a ton of system resources. That includes RAM (memory) and CPU cycles. They can slow down your machine and just cause problems. The problem is sometimes you do not know what is slowing your Mac down. If you are experiencing slowness, it might be a good idea to go into CMM X and check Heavy Consumers for any listed Apps. If there are some you can shut them down and remember that for future reference. Some Apps just consume lots of computer resources. If you know who they are you can use them, then close them as soon as you are done.


The Optimization area of CMM X could be very handy in streamlining your Mac usability. When you have time, open CMM X and check it out. You might be surprised at what you find you can Disable and/or remove. If you do not use CleanMyMac X, you should at least give it a trial run.