Creating Quick Actions With Automator

I am enjoying the new features in MacOS Mojave. One feature I have started using more and more is Quick Actions. They do not take the place of detailed markup or editing, but for a quick interaction with a document, they are really handy. But, did you know you can add actions to the Quick Actions menu using the Automator App? Check out how this is done.

Quick Actions

When you select a document in the Mojave Finder the available Quick Actions for that type of document appear just below the Preview window:

Quick Actions Finder

You click on the Quick Action you want to use.

While working with Quick Actions I decided I wanted to add a “Print” command. You can do that using the Automator App which comes installed with the macOS.

Automator Quick Action

I am by no means adept at using Automator. I do some basic things with the App which can be handy, but I am not a script writing type of guy. When you first open Automator you get this window:

Automator Window

The Mojave version of Automator comes with the choice of Quick Action. Just choose that and you will be taken to the scripting window:

Automator Settings

You have to play around with the drop downs to get all the settings correct. Once I had this setup, I just saved the Quick Action. Automator had me name it and then saved it to the Extensions Pref Pane in the System Preferences:


Now when I select an item in the macOS Finder, the Quick Actions menu includes my “Print” Action:

Print Action

If I click on the “Print Action” the system will print that item to the Default Printer. I have tested this out a few times and it works great, I really like it.


This is not exactly complicated, but it may prove useful to you. If you do not want the “Print” command as a Quick Action, you can substitute another function. You just have to play around in the Automator App to see what it can do, which is plenty by the way.