Grouped Notifications

The latest iOS 12 release by Apple is very impressive. Besides being much faster all around, it has some very handy features that save time and effort. One of those new gadgets is Grouped Notifications. The Mac and iOS have had Notifications for a long time. There have been little tweaks and improvements over time, but nothing as useful Grouped Notifications. Here is how they work.

Grouped Notifications

Grouped Notifications is just like it sounds. The iOS groups Notifications by application. So it would group a bunch of emails, Facebook notifications and other things based on the App in question. 

If you swipe down from the top of the screen on your iOS Device or if you are viewing on the Home Lock Screen you can see the Grouped Notifications:

Notifications Stacked

So, Grouped Notifications stacks the entries on top of one another (had to gray out a few names). If you tap on the entry, in this case Facebook, it expands the stacked items for viewing:

Expanded Stack

From here you can tap on the individual item and go read it. You can tap on “Show less” and the stack collapses. Or, you can tap on the “X” and the whole stack is deleted.

There is another way to deal with a Grouped Notification. You can slide the item to the left which produces this menu:


From here you can tap on “Managed” and get these choices:

Managed Choices

You turn off Grouped Notifications in Apps, more on that in a minute. Deliver Quietly is explained in the window there. Again, if you click on View it displays all the items in the stack. If you click on Clear All it removes all the items in the stack.

Grouped Notifications is turned on by default. If you go into Settings under Notifications you can see it is set to Automatic:


IF you tap on Automatic you can set this to “Per App” or just turn it off for that particular App:

Airmail Notification Grouping

If you do not wish to receive Notifications for this particular App you can turn it off.

There are other new goodies in Notifications like Bedtime Mode, Screen Time Statistics, Critical Alerts and others. I will cover these in another article. For now I want to focus on some other cool stuff in iOS 12.


If your iPhone or iPad can handle iOS 12, I recommend upgrading to it. Just know it takes quite a while for it to finish. I think you will like the new features and the improved responsiveness.