Malwarebytes For iOS

Most of you are familiar with the excellent Malwarebytes Mac App. It is totally necessary in this day and age. Recently, the Malwarebytes people have come out with an iOS version of their App. I have been using it for a few months and it works great. Here is how it works.

Malwarebytes iOS Overview

Malwarebytes for iOS helps prevent Robo and Spam calls. It even helps with spam texts as well. In addition it does some Ad blocking. I don’t know about you, but I used to get bunches of Robo or Spam calls on my iPhone. You can download a free version of Malwarebytes from the iOS App Store:

Malwarebytes Activation Screen

You can use the App with Ad Blocking for free, but it is worth the $11.99 yearly fee to activate Web and Call Protection. Once it is activated you are taken to your Dashboard screen:

Malwarebytes Dashboard

The first thing to do is tap on Customize protection and setup the App to your liking:


This is the way I have mine setup, but if you just want a warning you may do so. 

Malwarebytes Settings

There is a Settings icon in the lower right corner of the main App window. When you tap on it you are taken to this screen:

Phone Allow List

Here, you can report fraudulent numbers and manage your allow list. Malwarebytes does a pretty good job of screening Spam numbers, but I do report one on occasion. If you tap on Manage Phone Allow List, you are taken to this screen:

Phone Allow

The Default setting here is to allow your Contacts and block everything else. You can add numbers manually for people outside your Contacts list. Perhaps you are expecting a one-off call from a home service technician or something like that. You can add the number and then delete it later when the transaction is completed.

Malwarebytes Messages

If you wish Malwarebytes to interact with the Messages App go back to the main Dashboard screen and tap on Text Message Filtering. You will be taken to this screen:

Messages Protection

When you tap on Activate protection you are provided with instructions for Messages App activation:


As you can see, it directs you to the iOS Settings area to activate Malwarebytes inside the Messages App. Once you are in the iOS Settings just tap on Messages and scroll down to Unknown & Spam:


Once inside this area tap on Malwarebytes to begin SMS Filtering. After this Messages setup you are pretty much finished.


Since I have been using Malwarebytes for iOS, my Robo and Spam calls have diminished tremendously. I used to get one or two a day, now I may get one or two a week. Malwarebytes for iOS works great. It is definitely worth $11.99 for peace and quiet and the peace of mind. I highly recommend this little App, you will not regret activating a Premium Account.