Mojave Dark Mode Apps

As previously mentioned, I have been testing Mojave’s Dark Mode for a while. I switch back and forth between Dark and Light Mode. Right now I am using Light Mode and will stick with that until some of my Apps have a more developed Dark Mode. However, there is a way you can have your cake and eat it to here. A few of my Apps have been updated to have their OWN Dark Mode! This is totally cool. Here are some examples.

Acorn Dark Mode

I use the excellent Acorn image editing App from time to time. In addition to the Photos App, Acorn definitely fills out my editing needs. The latest version of Acorn has it’s own Dark Mode which I greatly prefer to the regular editing window:

Acorn Dark

The tools and editing window are much easier to see and work with in my opinion. I have been leaving Acorn in its Dark Mode even though my main iMac is set to Light Mode. To get this to work in Acorn, you have to change this setting:

Acorn Setting

It needs to be set to “Dark Aqua” for Dark Mode to work in Acorn

Airmail Dark Mode

I have used the excellent Airmail email App for quite some time. About the second Airmail update after Mojave was released, Airmail implemented its own Dark Mode as well:

Airmail Dark

I had to blur out a few things, sorry about that. When an email arrives it is bright white against the black background. When emails are read, they turn a shade of gray. You setup Airmail Dark Mode in the Advanced Preference Area:

Airmail Preference

The Airmail Dark Preference works pretty well. Once in a while something does not draw correctly. I am sure that will be fixed in a further update.

Blocs Dark Mode

But wait, there is more. Some Apps were created in Dark Mode before Mojave even existed! I use the excellent Blocs App to do some websites and I love editing in it’s Dark Mode Interface:

Blocs Dark

I am sure there are some graphic programs that come with a Dark editing motif as well.


Until the full Mojave Dark Mode is implemented better in my Apps, I will stick with Light Mode. However, I am using a Dark interface in a few of the Apps that allow it. I am getting used to it and will be going to full Dark when the time is right.