Mojave Full Disk Access

I have mentioned the difficulties of increased security measures in MacOS Mojave. Yes, it is for our own good, but it can be kind of a pain at times. One of those measures is something called Full Day Access in System Preferences. Here is a basic explanation of Full Disk Access and how to deal with it.

Full Disk Access

So, what is the point of Full Disk Access? The bottomline is this. If an App you use interacts with the low level areas of macOS, it will request to have Full Disk Access. You may see a notification requesting access or the App will just not work right until you research it at the Developer and discover it needs Full Disk Access.  Some examples of these type of Apps are:

  1. Backup Apps (Carbon Copy Cloner, Chronosync, BackBlaze, etc)
  2. Disk Repair Utilities (Diskwarrior, Drive Genius)
  3. Disk Search Utilities (HoudahSpot)

Just about any kind of App that needs some type of low level access to your Mac.

Add Apps To Full Disk Access

You get to Full Disk Access in the Security & Privacy Preference Pane:

Full Disk Access

Once you login to this Pref Pane, just select Full Disk Access in the left sidebar which displays an area to the right to add Apps to this area. Once you do this, then click on the plus symbol in the right side of  the window:

Full Disk App

When you click on the “plus” symbol you are presented with a window to navigate to the appropriate App. Once you click on the App it is added to Full Disk Access.

My experience is, some of my Apps have notified me of the need for Full Disk Access and some of them have not. I had to contact the Developer to find out that App needed to be added to this area.


Mojave is indeed more secure which does require a smidge more diligence on our part. Once you get used to how this works in Mojave, I don’t think it is a big deal. Once you have put the Apps that need to be in Full Disk Access you are done. You do not have to do it again.