Mojave Security & Privacy Automation

I have posted a few articles on the new Security measures in MacOS Mojave. These primarily concerned Accessibility and Full Disk Access. However, there is one more settings area in Security & Privacy that I have come across called Automation. I did not know this when I first started using Mojave, but was forced to go into the Automation are when I could not update one of my Apps.

Security & Privacy Automation

This all started when I tried to install an update to my Boom 3D sound App. I kept telling the update to install, it went through the motions, but never updated. Then, I received an email from Boom describing why their App would not update in macOS Mojave. They provided a solution involving the Automation area. I guess lots of people complained about not being able to update the Boom 3D App. Here is what you need to do to fix this type of problem in MacOS Mojave.

Navigate to the Security & Privacy Preference Pane, then click on the Privacy tab. You should see a window like this:


Click on Automation in the left sidebar. When you do, you will see a list of Apps. Scroll down to the App you are having problems with and check the box to activate whatever activity it needs:


So what does the Automation section do? It is described right in that window. It “allows the apps below to control other apps.” Boom 3D controls the Finder, more specifically, the sound controls in the Finder. As you can see, there are several Apps listed in this area that control different Apps on my machine.

This is an important note. Once I had the Boom 3D / Finder box checked the update still did not work. I had to do a Restart on the iMac to get it to activate. If you are making changes in the Automation area, you will probably have to Restart the Mac to make them take effect.

Once I Restarted the Mac, I tried the Boom 3D update once again:

Boom 3D Update

There was an update listed. I ran it and Boom 3D updated normally:

Boom 3D Updated

I am glad this happened or I might of never looked into the Automation area.


If some of your App updates are not completing in Mojave, you might take a gander into the Security & Privacy Automation area to see if it is listed there.