Spark Calendars

Now that I am back using the Spark App for my email I have been doing some exploring with it’s new features. One of those is the capability to have a Calendar in Spark. This only works with an Apple iCloud account right now, perhaps it will be expanded to other calendar services in the future. Adding you calendar in Spark is very easy.

Spark Calendar

Setting up the iCloud Calendar feature in Spark presupposes a couple of things. First, you have to get an App-Specific Password from your Apple ID Account online. This link from Apple’s website shows you how to do this if you have never done it before. The bottomline is if an App you are using accesses your iCloud account (like in email) you need an App-Specific Password for the App. 

Once you have the App-Specific Password for Spark, just enter it into the password field when you setup the iCloud account. Be sure to save that password somewhere in case you need to reinstall Spark or install it on another machine.

Now that you have that all setup, just go into the Accounts section of Spark Preferences and select your iCloud account in your email accounts list:

Email Accounts

Once you have selected the account, click on the “Enable calendars for this account” box under the Profile Tab of that window and the calendar will show in your Spark sidebar:


You have Day, Week and Month view available. You can add new events and generally interact with them. It does not quite have the sophistication of a full-blown calendar App, but it is really handy none-the-less. By the way, the calendar looks great in Dark Mode. Spark will also display Gmail and Exchange calendars if you have those accounts. There are other things I could mention, but it is just easier for you to create a Calendar in Spark and experiment with the typical calendar features.


The Spark Calendar feature is not exactly a deal breaker when it comes to the intuitive handling of email. But, it is a nice touch which makes the App more well-rounded, especially for people in a business environment.