Spark & iCloud Email Rules

For a while there I left off using the excellent Spark Email App because they have yet to implement a Rules feature. They say it is on the drawing board, but not here yet. The people at Readdle Software recommend setting up rules on your hosting service server. They provide directions on this for some of the main services including iCloud. Since I get about 95% of my email in my .Mac account, I decided to go back to using Spark if I could make the iCloud rules thing work for me.

iCloud Rules

I pretty much only use rules to move incoming emails into different folders, kind of an organizational thing. I think the Apple Mail App has the best set of rules for email hands down. Unfortunately, iCloud email does not mirror this set of rules. The rules in iCloud email are very basic. However, what they do offer fits into my workflow pretty well. Here is how you implement iCloud email rules.

Log into your iCloud account and click on the Mail icon:

iCloud Mail

Once you are in the Mail area just click on the little gear symbol in the bottom left corner of the window to get into the Rules area:


Rule Menu

When you are in the Rules area, click on “Add a Rule” and you will be presented with this drop down window:


The first parameter is to set who or what the email is from. These are the usual choices, although some email Apps have more. The next parameter is to select what you want to do with the email:

Mail Rule

This area is extremely limited! Fortunately, all I really need to do is move emails to specific folders, so it does work for me. Right below this drop down is a drop down for your list of folders. All you have to do is setup a rule and point it to the correct folder.

So, are you wondering how this works? Well, so far so good. I have had several emails arrive into the Spark Email App which were placed in the correct folders. This basic server side implementation of email rules allows me to go back to using Spark again. I really like the intuitiveness of Spark so this is a win / win as far as I am concerned.


If you are using Readdle’s Spark Email App and you only need some basic rules capability, I think you are good to go for your iCloud account. It won’t hurt to give it a try anyway. If you are using email from a third party provider, you will have to go to their website to see how to setup server side mail rules. Every provider will be a little different.