Thoughts On Mojave Dark Mode

I have been using macOS Mojave in Beta and now in the full release for a few months now. I like many of the new features, but especially the stability of this release. One of the things I have been experimenting with is Dark Mode. I had to wait until Developers released new versions of their Apps with Dark Mode implementation until I could give this feature a real world test. Dark Mode is pretty handy, but may not be for everyone.

Dark Mode

Mojave does not install with Dark Mode activated. You have to go into the General Preference Pane to activate it:

Dark Mode

When you click on “Dark” in the Appearance area you gradually enter Dark Mode:

Dark Mode Activated

In Dark Mode all or at least most of your windows are dark with white text. I think this is easier to read, at least it is for me. To get your Desktop into Dark Mode you have to change the Desktop Background to the Mojave Dark Mode image. Then you really are going dark. 

I have operated in Dark Mode for a while and I like it. I think Apple’s implementation of this feature is well done, but the problem for me is third party Apps. Almost all the third party Apps I use have updated to include some type of Dark Mode feature. However, the implementation is not always well done, or perhaps is it just a work in progress. 

The Path Finder App is a case in point. Granted, I am sure it is super complicated to implement Dark Mode in a Finder replacement App. However, their implementation just ain’t there yet:

Path Finder Dark

Some areas are dark while others are not dark. They admit in their update blurb that this is only a partial update for Dark Mode. It is not easy to work in this window at this point. 

Another example is the Airmail email application:


The Airmail people have done a fairly good job of implementing Dark Mode in their App. However, there are times when the body of certain emails will not display while in Dark Mode. I have no idea why, but it makes the App unusable in Dark Mode.

So, here is what I have decided to do. I am going to not use Dark Mode for the time being. I really do like being able to work in Dark Mode with white text displayed most of the time. It is easier for me to read. However, I think I will wait a few weeks and see if my main workflow Apps get updated in such a way that they work more seamlessly in Dark Mode. Then, I may make the switch, we will see.


I think Mojave is going to be an excellent operating system in addition to the new features. I do like and use some of the new features, but Dark Mode is just going to have to wait a bit until Mojave and third party Apps mature a bit.