Add Items To The Share Menu

Sometimes we just kind of space it when it comes to working with the macOS. Recently, I decided to return to the very intuitive Spark Email App for all of my email needs. I had to tweak a few settings, but Spark remembered most of my email accounts information without any problems. However, in the process of doing something on my Mac I wanted to email a picture to a friend. When I clicked on the “Share” icon in the Photos App, Spark was not listed. After a bit of contemplation I remembered where to fix that problem.

Share Menu

If you want to add or remove something from the Share Menu, you need to go into the Extensions System Preference area:

Extensions Pref Pane

There are lots of settings in here including the Share Menu:

Share Menu

Once you select the Share Menu all you have to do is scroll down to locate the App you wish to activate or deactivate:


In my case that would be the Spark Email App:

Spark Activated

Once you have activated the App in question you should see it in any dropdown Share Menu:

Spark Share Menu

I guess I should have remembered this, but sometimes when your brain gets full, it drops stuff off the other side of your memory. Please note, sometimes when you install an App it will be automatically added to the Share Menu. Apparently that is not the case with the Spark Email App.


If you need to add or subtract something from your macOS Share Menu the above described procedure is simple and quick.