Mojave App Store

One of the things I have not mentioned in Mojave is the App Store. It has been totally re-designed. It does a lot of the same things, supposedly better, but it is definitely different from what you are used to. Here is an overview of the new App Store.

Mojave App Store

When you first activate the Mojave App Store your get this main window:

App Store Main Window

It usually defaults to the “Discover” section. The section I use the most is Updates:

App Store Update

If you did have updates the App Store Badge in the Dock would indicate how many and they would be listed in this window.

The App Store has several general categories in the left sidebar.  That being said, the second most used feature by yours truly is Categories:

App Store Categories

If I really want to search different areas of the App Store, I just click on Categories. If you click on a Category like Health & Fitness the App Store drills down:

App Store Drill Down

It usually lists the Paid Apps at the top and Free ones down below which is a nice touch.

If you do a search for something the results are similar to this:

App Store Search

Something that I have not used in the past is Filters; was this in the old App Store?

App Store Filters

You can get very granular in your App Store searches as you can see.

The Mojave App Store has a few Preferences which are pretty self-explanatory:

App Store Preferences

In keeping with my policy to not have Automatic updates, that box is checked. You can see some of the other settings, just set it up like to fit your workflow.

By the way, if you wish to access your purchased Apps just click on your Apple ID name in the lower left corner of the window:

Purchased Apps

Then you can scroll through your list of purchased Apps.


The new App Store takes some getting used to that is for sure. It is just a completely different format which works similarly to the old App Store, but with differences. Once you familiarize yourself with how it works, it really is pretty decent. I like it, what is your take on the Mojave App Store?