Mojave Finder File Data

One of the fun things about a new macOS is exploring the little improvements that are not mentioned in the advertising or keynote information. Mojave is no exception, there are some nice little tweaks that are pretty useful in this new operating system. One of those is the amount of file data available for files in the Finder.

Mojave File Data

When you click on a file in the Mojave Finder it displays (in column view at least) a preview of the file and its file data to the right:

File Data

The File Data appears below the preview. In Mojave, you can click “Show More” and get a great deal more information on that particular file:

Show More

The information displayed is different for each type of file you are viewing. The above image is of a PDF file Here is “Show More” information for an image:

Show More Image

There is a lot more stuff, it is quite detailed. I think this is helpful. Sometimes I just want to know more about the file I am looking at.

There is more to this file dat info than meets the eye. Now, you can adjust the amount of information that appears in the “Show Less” area. In other words, if you do not wish to be clicking the “Show More” link all the time, you can just choose to show more info in the “Show Less” area. To do this, go to the Finder View menu while the Finder is open and a file type is selected:

Show Preview Options

Choose “Show Preview Options” which will display a window similar to this one:

Preview Options

The settings in this window are different for each type of file selected. Here you have the available settings for an image file. You can select any information you wish to add to the “Show Less” area. Once you close this window, the items you added will appear when you select that type of file in the Finder.

The thing to do here is to select the types of files you view the most (images, PDF’s, etc.), then go into the Show Preview Options area and set them up to your satisfaction.


Obviously, this is not a great epiphany for Finder usage, but it really is a nice touch to file management. MacOS Mojave is a very nice operating system upgrade. I am looking forward to sharing other little Mojave additions from time to time.