We all knew that with the Mojave update would come several third party utilities that would interact with Mojave’s new features. One of those Apps just released is NightOwl by Benjamin Kramser. Mr. Kramser is a student in Germany and I thank him for creating this neat little menubar App. Here is how NightOwl works.


When you buy NightOwl it asks for a donation. I made one after I had used the App for about one day. It is a total time saver and worth a donation for sure. When you download the App, the website shows you an explanation for why it sends information to Google, but you can turn that info sending off inside the App, more on that in a bit.

NightOwl resides in your menubar. When you click on it’s icon it produces this very simple menu with scheduling options:

NighOwl Menu

I started out in Mojave Dark Mode:

Dark Mode

When I clicked on the “Light” button, NightOwl very quickly changes to Light Mode:

Light Mode

There is a small icon to enter the App Preferences area in the menubar drop down:


As you can see, I unchecked the “Send Statistics” setting. Google already gets too much of my info as it is. I also left “Play Sound” checked. NightOwl plays an Owl sound when you switch modes. I like Owls, so I left the sound activated.

I want to mention one more thing. When you first install NightOwl it asks for permission to activate the App in the Security & Privacy Automation Section:


Once that is finished, you can use NightOwl in the menubar. It really does work pretty seamlessly. By the way, besides the scheduling features, you can activate NightOwl using a HotKey keyboard shortcut. That makes it even easier to use!

I am using Dark Mode most of the time these days, but you may be wondering why I would want to switch back to Light Mode at times. My iMac does not have a Retina display. There are times when I have trouble reading small text in Dark Mode which warrants a switch to Light Mode for a bit. Also, the icons you see on the Macessece Blog all require a white background. So, when I take a screenshot of an icon for an article I switch to Light Mode first.


If you are tired of manually going into the System Preferences to change Light and Dark Mode, I highly recommend NightOwl. I sincerely believe it is worth a donation as well. We want to encourage young programers do we not?